A Few of my Favorite Reasons why Dali Decals is so Awesome

It's hard to dislike dandelions when they look this good.

Why should you purchase decals, canvas and wood prints from Dali Decals? Why are we so great and what sets us apart from the rest of the companies out there? Now, I realize this sounds like an advertisement, but it's really more a bunch of useful information that a lot of people just don't realize, so bear with me.  This list is compiled from my own personal knowledge, experience and based on accounts I have heard … [Read more...]

Love is in the Air – Decal Decorating Recommendations

You and Me Equals Awesome

At Dali Decals, we believe that you don't need one special day, namely Valentine's Day, to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you! Decals are an awesome way to remind them daily of the Love that surrounds them. Oh but what decals could I be referring to? Let me show you! My personal favorite is one of our quotes, "You have my whole heart for my whole life." I LOVE it! :) Then there's another … [Read more...]

Simple Flower Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

Easy Beautiful Floral Arrangements for your Home

I love flowers, I'm guilty. I LOVE FLOWERS. I want them everywhere, all the time! Fortunately, I have pretty decent willpower too, but yeah. Looking around for images to complement this post will probably cost me $20-30 tonight at the store.. So.. You know how when you clean your house, and it looks amazing, and there's all that bare counter space just screaming for something else? A nice centerpiece, a bowl of … [Read more...]

Post Holiday De-Stress Tips

Our favorite Stress Memes

So this time of year is one of mixed emotions for us, as well as a whirlwind of crazy that's like riding a roller coaster.  SO... being able to stop and de-stress is essential!! If you were to ask me to name 5 things that I use to de-stress, I'd immediately respond with: 1. Work Out or Practice Yoga 2. Smile and Laugh with a friend 3. Learn to breath deeply 4. Go for a walk, or take your dog for a … [Read more...]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Madness at Dali Decals

This time of year is pretty magical for us at Dali Decals! 'Tis the Season and all. Thanksgiving was awesome (it almost always is!) and with the late Turkey holiday this year, it feels like we just jumped right into our Winter crazy without even stopping to take a breath. Everything is flowing and working just as it should, though! Phones are ringing off the hook, people are asking if they'll receive their gifts in … [Read more...]

How do I choose the best paint for my walls?

Before decals often come freshly painted walls, which seems like no big deal, but with so many options for paint on the market these days, which one is the best for your space? Use our guide to steer you in the right direction, especially if you're planning on using decals to decorate! Right off the bat, our materials manufacturer recommends a 3 week cure time for the paint, which allows it to completely dry and … [Read more...]

Awesome Wall Decals for Kids’ Rooms – All Under $50!

Redecorating doesn't have to be expensive! We've already explored using repurposed furniture and starting DIY projects using older, recycled, and even thrifted furniture pieces. Those always have potential to be fabulous, fun and rewarding projects! Even if they don't go as planned, there is still a sense of reward in doing something with your own hands! But sometimes that's just not enough. A mix of old and new … [Read more...]

Kids Room Decorating Ideas using Repurposed Furniture

Repurposing Ideas for Kids Spaces

My mind has wandered off on numerous occasions with all the fabulous furniture repurposing ideas that exist out there. I've traveled to amazingly cluttered and stocked thrift shops in our area in search of the perfect Before and After furniture piece, but to date, all I've managed to refinish is an old piano bench. (It's really cute, but.. it's hardly post-worthy!) Fine, here it is. It was one of the cooler and … [Read more...]

Gender Neutral Nursery Color Schemes

- Monograms

Your family is about to bring a new person into the world, and you want to share a bright, open and welcoming world with your little one. Leave the stereotypes and generalizations behind and let your child enjoy a warm, loving nursery decorated thoughtfully by you and your partner, minus the outdated color schemes previously dictated by gender preconceptions. A gender neutral nursery can be an educational, calm and … [Read more...]