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Name in the Clouds - Skywriter - Airplane - Personalized Monogram Wall Decal

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We've had so many requests for our personalized Name in the Clouds monogram, we absolutely love it! Our wall decals are ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, offices, living rooms, entryways, classrooms, even your car, bathtub or glass shower doors!

  • Overall, as shown, this Name in the Clouds Personalized Wall Decal measures 50.5 inches wide by 28 inches high
  • The airplane decal by itself measures 16 inches wide by 11.5 inches high
  • The name(s) will measure a maximum of 30 inches wide by a max of 12 inches high (plus the little dots trailing behind the plane)
  • You can order up to 2 names, and they'll be made to fit within the above dimensions.
  • Please note: all letters will be done in lowercase.

Need a different size or quantity? Just contact us! All of our wall graphics are customizable according to your specifications.

Display Image Info:

  • Colors shown - White Matte name and clouds, Cardinal Red Matte plane
  • Available in any two colors of your choice!

Other Info:

  • This Name in the Clouds wall decal comes in sections so that you can place the clouds, the airplane and the name however you choose!
  • Practice decals are included with every order.


  • Beautiful decal and so simple to apply to the wall! Love having a choice of colors to match decor of the room. Thank you for such an awesome product! I am keeping you in my favorites and will be shopping again :)


    Added Apr 30, 2010

  • Wow! Everyone just loves the Tree Blowing in the Wind decal I put in our nursery. I did need help with the trunk but the leaves, owl and birds were a breeze to put up. I'm also impressed with the fact they send a picture of the image so I could map out the leaves. Now, our baby can look up and be greeted by nature every morning. It's beautiful and the "extras" Dali Decals sent exceeded my expectations. I would totally order from them again!

    Very Happy Expectant Mother


    Added Aug 22, 2010

  • I have a small condo and didn't want to clutter up my dining room wall with a clunky, oversized piece of art. I ordered a fairly large decal and, to my surprise, it went up flawlessly within minutes! I was so nervous of bunching or peeling but it was perfect. The color was true to what I ordered and the design was exactly what was shown online. Thank you!

    Gina nichols

    Added Jun 8, 2011

  • I am VERY happy not only with my decal, but with the company. The decal ends up being just letters (if you ordered a quote) and not a big piece of plastic as what I was anticipating so it looks REALLY professional and awesome.

    What I loved about the service, though, was how easy it was to order, and even though I somehow didn't get an apostrophe up on the wall, I simply e-mailed them and they overnighted a replacement. I was SO thrilled with that level of service.



    Added Dec 21, 2011

  • I was so impressed to not only get help with my order, but Marisa emailed me back on the weekend! That is really amazing. Thank you so much for your help and quick service!

    Alison A.

    Added Feb 5, 2012
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