Terms and Conditions

Nobody wants to read long, boring Terms & Conditions! While this list is still boring, for the most part, here’s a condensed version of what they say:

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1. By purchasing products and/or services from us, you agree to the following:

2. Dali Studios is allowed to change and update information at its discretion, with or without notice.

3. Any of the content in any form that is related to our website and/or company is protected under copyright, trademark, and other proprietary rights. You’re not allowed to copy, re-distribute, use or publish any materials, content or design from Dali Studios without permission for any reason except for limited personal use. (section 5)

4. By registering and/or checking out through our website, you confirm that the info provided is accurate and correct. We can cancel your account at any time if deemed false, harmful or fraudulent.

6. Your account and log in info is solely yours.

7. Information, services and products provided through Dali Studios are deemed “as-is”.  We do not offer any sort of warranty or guarantee on the info, services or products obtained/purchased.

8. While we work very hard to keep viruses and malicious content off of our site, should our site become compromised in any way, we will not be held responsible or liable for any damages that may result from use or misuse.

9. We can use the info you provide to us as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

10. Our decals and products are intended for decorative, informational and advertorial purposes, and are not intended to be used by children.

The following sub-sections 11, 12, and 13 may change from time to time, and are a part of this agreement.

11. You can review our Privacy Policy here: http://dalidecals.com/help.php?section=business

12. You can review our Return Policy here: http://dalidecals.com/Return-Policy-Dali-Wall-Decals.html

13. You can review our Processing Policy here: http://dalidecals.com/Processing-Policy-Dali-Wall-Decals.html

14. When you buy something from Dali Studios, we are assuming that the info you provided is accurate and true, and that you intend to pay for all the charges associated with the purchase.  

If a chargeback or dispute is initiated by you or your credit card company, we will collect any necessary info to contest the claim.

15. We can offer discounts whenever we choose. We can revoke a discount or promotion for any reason. We can set rules for these discounts and promotions as we see fit.

Resellers and wholesalers, unless otherwise agreed upon, are not eligible for promotions or discounts.

16. On occasion, we will need to contact you by phone or email to verify info, should there be any question about or discrepancies with the info provided. If we can’t reach you regarding information needed for completing your order, there may be a delay in your order processing which we cannot be held responsible for.

17. We do our best to provide really awesome customer service. We have standard operating hours of 8:30a to 5p EST, Monday through Friday, but sometimes we take our employees out to lunch or to local events to show our appreciation for their hard work and awesomeness. If we are not available during the above-posted hours, just leave a message or email us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

If you feel you haven’t received awesome customer service, please let us know! We want to know about your experience with Dali Decals.

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