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Stark Tree with Birds Decal - Wall Decal

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Another one of our winter-esque tree wall decals! This one is designed to go behind furniture to give the 'growing out from behind' effect.

This stark tree measures 51" wide and 40" high and comes with 5 birds to place however you like.

This tree will come in two pieces for ease of application, and once applied to the wall, will appear virtually seamless. We also include a trunk piece, (not shown) if you do not want it growing out from behind something.

This barren tree wall decal is shown here in dark brown but available in all of our colors.


  • Our house is full of Dali Decals - all the bedrooms, the hallway, even the laundry room. Now we are moving into a new home and I can't wait to do more Dali Decals. We get so many compliments on our existing decals, I couldn't not do it in the new house!


    Added Nov 27, 2009

  • I am extremely pleased with the butterfly decals purchased for our daughter's nursery. They really complete the room and look like hand painted art. I was very satisfied with the company's professionalism from beginning of purchase through receiving our package. I will be sure to refer this company to my friends!


    Added Jan 25, 2010

  • I just wanted to say thanks for writing to me to get a different address for my package delivery. Sadly, this level of service is rare among internet vendors. It's nice doing business with you.

    Ryan D

    Added Oct 31, 2011

  • If you click my URL you can see pictures of our decal in my daughters room. We got a wispy tree with pink flowers it MADE the room. It was a lot of work to put up but definitely worth it. Everyone that comes over absolutely LOVES it.


    Added Jan 8, 2012

  • Just bought this for my grown-up "forest themed" bedroom. Not only does the decal look absolutely amazing, but it was very easy to apply and the company threw in a bunch of woodland animal decals for free. I will not hesitate to purchase in the future.


    Added Apr 9, 2012
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