Dali Wall Decals - Tall Tree with Leaves Blowing in the Wind Installation

This is an installation of one of our most popular trees! This installation took about an hour and a half to complete, but we got a little help towards the end. Having friends and family join in on installing the leaves is a lot of fun! Although this tree can be installed by a single person, we highly recommend having an installation assistant on hand. Enjoy!

Dali Wall Decals - Swirling Wispy Tree Branch with Flowers Installation

This is an installation video of one of our branch wall decals. This video contains captions explaining the entire installation process.

Dali Wall Decals - Circles and Bubbles Installation

This is a quick installation of our Circles and Bubbles. They're an easy and inexpensive way to dress up an entire wall!

Dali Wall Decals - Mambos Cuban Bistro Mural Installation

This is a 12'w X 10'h mural we did for a great Cuban restaurant in Jacksonville Beach, FL. I highly recommend the Lecon Asado!

Dali Wall Decals - Giant Corner Tree with Leaves Installation

In my opinion, this is our easiest large tree to install. It's just two pieces and a trunk with a few dozen leaves. This tree looks incredible in person!

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