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Sketched Flowers - Set of 15 - Wall Decals

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These cute sketched flower wall decals comes in a wide variety of sizes! They range from 24" high to 43" high once applied and are shown here in our kelly green stems with burgundy blossoms.

Our sketched flower decals can be arranged however you like! Perfect for creating the look you want. You will receive one color for the stems and leaves, and one color for the flowers, for a total of 15 flowers! If you would like an another color for the flowers, they are available at an additional charge.

NOTE: You will receive more than what is shown in the picture. Only 9 are showing, you will receive 15 flowers!

Need a different size or quantity? Just contact us!


  • I just put up the wall decals that I received for my 3 year old daughters bedroom and I just couldn't wait to tell Dali Decals just how much I love it! They are beautiful and they truly look like I had a professional come in and paint them on. My daughter is going to be thrilled when she sees it! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!!
    Melanie L.

    Melanie L

    Added Jul 17, 2009

  • Absolutely beautiful! We put the cherry blossom branch in the corner behind our catty corner tv. This area has been bare for ten years. I could never figure out what to put in that corner.... The decal is stunning, it really looks like an artist came and painted it. Thank you!


    Added Sep 29, 2011

  • Hi, I'm impressed by the good service!!! Amazing! Thanks you so much Had a long time without finding such a good service!
    Professional, fast and good work!

    Vanessa L

    Vanessa L

    Added Aug 9, 2012

  • We ordered a 40ft. long decal of part of our logo and had it installed down a hallway in our client area. The printing was perfect, exactly the right colors, and cut out perfectly. It looks amazing! The decal actually looks better than I thought it would. Great work!

    (User Centric)

    Added Jul 23, 2012

  • Just wanted to say 'thanks' to you guys for being so easy to work with an doing such a great job on our stickers.

    Have a great holiday.



    Added Dec 23, 2012
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