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Wedding Monograms - Names - Set of 4 - Wedding Centerpiece Decals



Personalize your wedding reception centerpieces with these custom monogram decals! Made with your last initial as well as you and your partner's first names, these candle decals add a personal touch to your big day!

The large initial decal measures 8" wide by approximately 5.5" tall and is shown here in our matte light brown.

The bride and groom's name decals will measure 10.5" wide and approximately 1-1.5" tall, depending on the length of your names, and is shown here in our matte dark brown.

This is for a set of FOUR wedding monogram decals. You will receive four identical large last initials, and four identical sets of you and your partner's names.

Click below to see examples of initials.

Example Letters

*We recommend our Matte Colors for temporary applications and easy removal*

If you need a different size or quantity, please contact us!


  • The owls went up very easily and look great over my soon to be newborns crib. Thanks for a great product.

    Glen Christie

    Added Aug 12, 2010

  • I just wanted to say I LOVE my new Dali Decal !!! I just finished putting the last leaves on the tree and it looks fantastic. It was very easy to put up, following your instructions. I also love all the little extras that were included. What a nice surprise!!


    Added Jun 2, 2011

  • I got one of the monograms decals for my daughters wall. I love it! It looks so great.


    Added Dec 24, 2011

  • I bought this and never regretted it! It is beautifully made and by far the perfect centerpiece for my home.

    Kristin W

    Added Apr 6, 2012

  • I love, love, love my new wall decal!
    It does look like if the flowers were painted on the wall - very original. I strongly recommend them to everyone who has empty walls.
    My decal consisted of 13 separate pieces, and pre-arranging them on the wall in the order and positioned I liked, took the longest. Adhering pieces to the wall was a piece of cake after the very first one.
    I am browsing the site for another decal, and deciding which wall to use next.
    What fun!
    Thank you, Dali Decals.


    Added Jul 26, 2013
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